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2020 Griebling Memorial Virtual Field Day

Field Day
Welcome students and family members to the 1st (and hopefully only) Griebling Memorial Virtual Field Day! Field day has long been considered a right of passage for students. For many, field day is one of the defining moments of our elementary educational experience. Something we remember and still talk about years or even decades later. Normally field day is celebrated with our classmates, teachers, support staff and parent volunteers. Memories are made and friendships bonded.
Our current situation requires us to take a different approach but our goal remains the same- to have fun and make memories. Keeping that goal in mind, make sure you do your best to encourage other family members to join in the fun! We hope you find that the activities contain something for everyone and use practical items you will find around the house. Most activities can be done both indoors and outdoors. Don't have an item? That's okay! Be creative and find a replacement or skip that activity all together. Challenge yourself but remember, today is a day of fun and exploration!
'The Bulldog Field Day Team'
Below you will find introductions from our Bulldog Field Day Team and the National Anthem performed by Griebling's own Mrs. Ganter (formerly Ms. Calcagno).
Have an amazing Field Day!!!
We would love to see what you are up to! You can share pictures and videos by tagging us at @HowellTwpGrieb or @HowellMemorial. Use the hashtag #BulldogFieldDay and #BulldogStrong
Bulldog Scorecard - Use this sheet to track your progress and record your scores! Try to beat your best score and don't worry if you are unable to complete all the activities! If you are unable to print out the scorecard, you can make your own to keep track of your scores!
Equipment List - All the equipment you will need is listed. Substitute anything you need too! If you didn't already gather your equipment you can use it as a warm up activity. You have 10 minutes to gather up as much of the equipment as you possibly can! We gathered ours up in the laundry basket!
This Link contains demonstrations for every activity. It is recommended that you first take a quick look at the videos to help give you an idea of what activities you would like to participate in! Many of the videos also provide equipment modifications.
After checking out the videos you can use the Activity Cards as a quick references for the different activities! Remember, you can modify any activity to suit your needs/ability. Have fun and be safe!
Let The Games Begin!
Video Demonstrations of Each Activity - Keep this link open for easy reference.
Below you will find your physical education teachers email addresses. Have a question? Please ask away. Have something awesome to share? We'd love to see or hear about it so send us an email! 
Activity Cards - Use this link if you would like to print out all the activity cards. These cards are the same as the one found above but if you choose to print them this is the place to go!
Demonstration Videos - Link to the videos that provide demonstrations and modifications (same as above link).
How to make a paper plane! - Use this link if you need help making the best paper plane around!
*If you are having any trouble navigating the site you can reach out to Mr. O'Brien and he will do his best to get you up and going.