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Wonderful Paper Weaving

Attached you will find a lesson about weaving. It's pretty easy and requires only 2 pieces of paper, scissors, something to add color (crayons, markers, construction paper, wrapping paper, etc.) and glue if you want to glue it. The 2 pieces of paper need to be the same size (I used printer paper) and one will be used for the base (I left mine white) and one will be used for the strips (I used color here). Please read all of the slides before you start to weave so that you understand what the 2 pieces are used for. One of them will be folded like a fan (to be cut into strips) and the other will be folded in half, cut, and then unfolded (to be used for the base). I hope you have fun and as always, if you have questions please reach out to me.