Welcome to Mrs. Weingroff's Second Grade Class

Welcome to second grade!  My name is Mrs. Weingroff and I am so excited to be your new teacher this year.  This year will be filled with listening to, reading, and discussing many new exciting books, challenging and fun math activities, and writing some incredible stories!  I look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces on the first day of school and working with each one of you.  Please feel free to visit some of the educational links I have posted that we will be using throughout the year. 


Agenda for the day will be posted by 10 am!


Please utilize Seesaw to share work and pictures!


Daily Learning for Wednesday June 17, 2020

Language Arts:


  • Independent Reading-  Read two nonfiction books today on the SAME topic.  Complete the activity in Seesaw comparing and contrasting the two texts.  


  1. Watch the lesson below on how to compare lengths:



  1. Complete the activity in Seesaw. For this activity, you will be measuring the objects in INCHES!



Take this time to take a little brain break with Kidz Bop!


ScienceVirtual Field Trip to the San Diego Zoo

Complete the activity on Seesaw


Daily Learning Plan for Tuesday, June 16th, 2020


Please fill out the Activity Log each day with the activities that you complete. 


Language Arts:



As you listen, pay attention to the tricky vocabulary words that are used.  Think about what is happening in the story and use the pictures to help you.  Complete the vocabulary activity in Seesaw


        Optional Read Aloud:   Third Grade Angels Chapter 12


  • Independent Reading (optional) - Read nonfiction books on Epic today for 20 minutes.  Record 3 interesting facts you learned today!  Send your facts to your teacher in Seesaw! 



  1. Watch the video in Brainpop Jr. called, Centimeters, Meters and Kilometers.  Use the link below:



  1. Take the Quiz in Brainpop Jr.



Take this time to take a little brain break with Kidz Bop!






Complete Tie Writing activity in Seesaw


Daily Learning Plan for Monday, June 15th, 2020


Writing: Good Morning, You will have 40 minutes to write an opinion essay on a topic of your choice.


Remember the following:

-Introduction; hook. State your opinion, list your 3 reasons.

-Body; 3 paragraphs. Each paragraph states your reason with examples to support your think.

-Conclusion; tie it all up, restate opinion and your reasons.


You can complete this using paper and pencil OR on a computer in a Word document. Then either send it to me on Seesaw or email it to me. Remember, it is OKAY if you don't finish!