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Quaver Tips!

Sometimes technology can be fickle!  So lets see whats going on!
Flash Plug-ins
Quaver uses Flash Plug-in.  So if Flash is "blocked"  you need to go in to Settings and Manage that setting to have Quaver not blocked.
Green Screen
  • Try to quit your browser, then relaunch and log back into
  • Try to restart your computer, then log back into
  • Try clearing your browser cache. You can find instructions on how to do this on your web browser here:


  • Try a different browser (for example, if you're using Google Chrome, try Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge).


Student Interactives
When you sign-in you may ever through the "Student Interactives" page.  Great music activities on the is page.  If you look at the bottom of the page there is a message to click if you want to use Flash.  Click it and it should bring you to Main Street!  Student Interactives can still be accessed from the sign on the left.
Main Street in Quaver
Moving around Main Street is fairly easy!  Please remember if you enter a room through a door , you will need to exit the room through the door.
Once in an activity, for example,  "QGrooves".  If you would like to "Exit" you need to hit "File" on the bottom of the screen, the click Exit.  It will prompt you to "Save" but thats up to you.
If you enter the Music Room, second story window, you need to exit through  the sign on wall "Got to Quaver Street".
There may also be an "Exit " sign the screen that ill bring you back to where you started.