Remote Learning

Dear Parents,
    Here is information for a summer reading program.

Daily Learning Plan

 June 22, 2020


At this time, we are asking that families utilize the Seesaw Class app to input their daily activities, when possible. With this use of technology, we will be able to give feedback to your student and monitor their growth and progress.



Language Arts – Fundations, Reading, Writing


  1.     Today we are going to listen to some favorite stories from your teachers!

Find a cozy spot and listen to a story from your teacher or all three!



Mrs. Gaquer


Mrs. McClelland


Miss Tully



Summer Fun Science

Check out some of these fun, Summer activities to kick off the start of Summer at home!


Make Your Own Ice Cream


Let’s Make Slime


Fun Summer Science Activities


ABC Countdown-letter:  Y

Yellow Day

You’re In Summer Mode!


Hip Hip Hooray!

Today is our last day!

You cannot delay!
It’s time to play!

Today is the day to be bright and sunny, wear your favorite yellow clothes and know that Sunny Summer Days are ahead!






Purposeful Play


Choose from one of the following activities or make up your very own!

  1. Play a board game
  2. Create a structure with blocks
  3. Create a structure with Legos
  4. Pretend you are at a grocery store…what would you buy?
  5. Create puppets and put on a play
  6. Set the table for dinner
  7. Draw a map of your house
  8. Go outside and play
  9. Create your own story book


Fun: Mo Willems is hosting a livestream doodle for kids: check out the link below


Another fun link for art for kids that you could check out:



Social Emotional Learning- Choose one activity from the website below

Mrs. Murillo



Links to Special Area Teacher Websites


Mr. O’Brien:



Mr. Delpriora:


Mrs. DeMartino:

Mrs. Gaszynski:


Mrs. Smith:


Mrs. Ganter



Mrs. Dobbin:

Mrs. Frantz:



Mr. Frattaroli: