Miss Resnick's Kindergarten Class!

Welcome to Miss Resnick's Kindergarten Class! 
Our Remote Learning Plan will be posted below daily.  Please remember to check SeeSaw for our Morning Meeting videos and Read Aloud of the day, daily! The rest of the daily plans will be in the "Remote Learning Plan" tab on the right of this page.  Happy learning and keep it up!! :) 

Happy last day of school and congratulations to our kindergarteners!  We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished both in school and in remote learning!


Lessons for June 22nd:


Griebling’s ABC Countdown:

June 22nd: Y for Yellow Day! Wear yellow today because bright sunny days are ahead!

June 23rd: Z for Zoom out of Remote Learning! There are no more days left of school.  At the end of today, shut down your computer or iPads and get read to zoom into summer!


Read Aloud:

Read with Miss Resnick: Mrs. Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten!



Listen to the read aloud and share one thing you are celebrating from your year in kindergarten on SeeSaw :) 



Lesson 14.5: Describe objects by measurable attributes!

Please complete on SeeSaw


Dance and Declutter!

While playing your favorite song, clean out your notebooks, pencil boxes and backpacks!